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Quality service, 24 hour contact, and a staff of highly trained professionals to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled.

Providing Consumer Directed Services


Our Company

KMD CDS is an Consumer Direct Service Provider promoting independent living though aiding and assisting our clients with their daily living needs. KMD CDS provides private duty nursing, consumer directed services, and in-home services to the low to moderate income elderly and disabled community of the Greater Kansas City area.

Our company’s goals and objectives are to provide quality service, 24 hour contact, and a staff of highly trained professionals to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled. KMD CDS has a professional nursing staff such as Registered Nurses, License Practical Nurses, Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistance, and homemakers.


KMD CDS is a dedicated Provider. We are dedicated to providing quality service, while helping our client’s maintain a healthy life style and prevention of hospitalization and nursing homes.

Services provided by KMD CDS include Personal Care, Advanced personal care, Homemaker, Chore, Authorized Nurse Visits, and Basic Respite Care. Services for clients will be offered by way of our website, marketing tools such as social media, radio, billboard, business cards, and walk-ins to our office

Our Care Givers

Personnel hired by KMD CDS. will be properly screened, tested, bonded, insured, trained and monitored.

All Employees including; employees providing direct care, administrative or billing functions, and management will be recruited by KMD CDS Human Resources Department (HR).

Job postings for these positions will be posted by way of radio, newspaper, online, and with other job resources such as the Full Employment Council and Job Corp.

Join Our Team

To be considered for employment, employees will need to:

  • Provide a Social Security Card and Identification Card.
  • Never been convicted of a NOLO Contender.
  • Never been on the Employee Disqualification List.
  • Must be registered, screened, and found employable per the Family Care Safety Registry.
  • Able to pass Drug test screening and background screening.
  • Have reliable transportation.
  • Proof of auto insurance.Current TB test results.

During the interview process, ideal candidates will be evaluated on bases of:

  • Years of experience in the non-medical in-home care field dealing with the elderly and disabled.
  • A love for the elderly and disabled community.
  • A compassionate and upbeat attitude.
  • Good English and communication skills
  • Reliable, responsible, ethical behavior and verifiable employment references.

If hired the aide will be screened through E-verify within 3 days of being hired. All in-home service workers employed by KMD CDS to provide direct care must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Be at least eighteen years of age.
  • Be able to read, write and follow directions
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent GED.
  • Have at least six months paid work experience as an agency homemaker, nurse aide, maid, household worker.
  • At least one year experience paid or unpaid, in caring for children or for sick or aged individuals.

All employees hired for administrative or billing purposes must be 21 years of age and meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be a registered nurse, currently licensed in Missouri.
  • Possess a baccalaureate degree.
  • Be a licensed practical nurse currently licensed in Missouri with at least one year of experience of direct care to the elderly, disabled, or infirm.
  • Have at least three years’ experience with the direct care to the elderly, disabled or infirm.

Our management team includes:

  • Nursing Supervisor- Ashante Payne, RN- a registered nurse currently licensed in the state of Missouri.
  • Field Nurse – Ron Pearson, LPN – a license practical nurse currently licensed in the state of Missouri with over 20 years’ experience of direct care with the elderly, disabled, or infirm.

Phone: (816) 605-6022
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